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Hi, i'm Jonc (Yon-tz not Jones)
And if you read my url with English pronunciation you learn how to say 'thank you' in Polish.
19-years-old, artsy.
Blog? Depeche Mode, Mika, The Rasmus, H.I.M. and everything else - starting with bunnies, ending with Marcel Duchamp.

Is anybody there who is studying Illustration at UCA and could help me? I search for the information through the Internet but I think, that the best way to find about this course is to talk with real people and get to know their thoughts and opinions. 

If you would like to answer few questions, like this post or reblog it. 

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    Have a look at some Illustration students’ Tumblrs: //hukurou.tumblr.com //emmabowdenillustration.tumblr.com (these are...